Fall 2023 — ARTD 251

Graphic Design Toolbox

As the instructor of record for two sections of an 8-week undergraduate course, Graphic Design Toolbox, I taught sophomore and junior students and introduced them to the field of graphic design theory and practice. Students also learn about which methods and skills are used in the design industry. To improve skills I developed comprehensive Adobe CC tutorials, featured below, covering the essentials of Illustrator and Photoshop, gradually progressing towards intermediate-level content.

Toolbox also included a semester-long design project which puts these tools into practice. The project centered on renowned graphic designers. Each student conducted extensive research on their assigned designer, culminating in the creation of logos, commemorative postal stamps, and postcards, all designed with a cohesive and unified aesthetic. In the discovery phase, students made mood boards and sketches through Miro.


Renowned Designer Logo
Designer Commemorative Postal Stamp
Branded Postcard

Student Work By Madison Edwards

Student Work By Kaiti Baggot

Adobe Tutorials