Fall 2023 — ARTD 351

Graphic Design Inquiry 

In my role I led two sections of sophomores and juniors through an 8-week project. This entailed research, classroom tutorials, and hands-on prototyping, with the overarching objective of transforming the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s McKinley Center website into a user-friendly mobile app. The initial learning objective was to equip students with proficient user research skills, including creating personas, conducting interviews, crafting journey maps, and designing user flows, as well as teaching them how to design using Figma.

Following the research phase, students transitioned into designing prototypes of varying fidelity levels on Figma. Throughout, I provided personalized critiques and coordinated peer review sessions, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The culmination was a successful showcase of students’ adeptness in research and the creation of a final prototype targeting a specific section of the McKinley website, along with the seamless implementation of interactive elements using Figma.


Research: Personas, Interviews, Journey Map, User Flow
5-7 App Screens
Interactions on Figma

Student Work By Mads Klump
Student Work By Mads Klump