Firing Racism, Racism Untaught Project

During a class taught by Associate Professor Lisa Mercer, I worked with other grad students to develop Firing Racism. This is a toolkit that uses the design research process to identify racialized hiring practices and critically assess anti-racist hiring approaches. In our discovery, we worked through the Racism Untaught framework developed by Professor Mercer and Professor Terresa Moses. This framework prompted us to base our project on the talk: Erasure by Exclusion: How Art Schools and Institutions Uphold White Supremacy. Based on this talk we each completed primary research, such as interviews, journey maps, competitive analyses, and Consciousness-Raising groups to learn about the hiring process from the viewpoint of both administrators and recently hired faculty members.

Deliverables: Podcast Cover Art, Infographics, Icons

Team: Holly Strickland, Joshua Pridemore, Daniel Curtis, Kiana Fa, Ruixin Han 

Date: Fall 2022

The toolkit we created includes a set of prompts for university hiring committees to use when considering biases in the hiring process. Firing Racism aims to fill the gaps in the support structure between hiring committees and candidates. This toolkit includes seven decks we call the Consideration Decks, each containing prompts for hiring committees to consider at each step of the hiring process. The toolkit consists of a work board and cards divided into corresponding steps. Users  interact with the toolkit by identifying the need within their school and then working through the hiring process step boards. Each board has a problem statements while the cards have prompts to ideate how the university could address the problems before, during and after the hiring process. This activity works to positively impact the hiring process and support structure for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color educators. I led the creative direction of the toolkit, and made branding decisions that my group followed through within their area of the project.