MIT GOV/LAB Graphics

Another project I did at MIT Gov/Lab was the creation of infographics. This infographic was designed to visually represent the trajectories of former MIT Gov/Lab students. I designed three icons to symbolize dissertation grants, seed grants, and academic pursuits. These icons worked alongside the world map, to effectively showcase the specific projects and research areas each scholar has pursued. Lastly, I conveyed details about each scholar, including their current job positions, locations, and grants received.

Deliverables: Podcast Cover Art, Infographics, Icons

Date: July 2023

Another collaboration with MIT Gov/Lab was the podcast cover art for the “Power to the Who” series.  This podcast serves as a platform where the Associate Director of Innovation at MIT engages with thought leaders from the Global South on topics such as governance, public service leadership, and design. To represent the significance of these conversations, I used icons to illustrate the dynamic interplay between the host and guests. I also emphasized the guests by enlarging their photos to signify their pivotal role.